Shell scheme booth

Shell scheme booth will be built of aluminium poles and beams and plastic panels. If you require exact information about the panels used on your stand, please contact your manager.

Wall panels and other stand material must be returned after the exhibition without any damage and cleaned from remains of tape, glue etc.

It is prohibited installing an additional stand fitting or displays to the stand shell structure; nailing, drilling wall panels and other stand material so please ensure that you have enough chain, hooks, etc., to hang posters and other displays. The cost of repair or replacement of damaged equipment will be charged to the exhibitor.

Please, notice that your stand has common walls with other companies and thus its partition order may be different from one indicated in the stand layout. For example, one wall panel with1 m width may be replaced by two panels with 0.5 m width. The organizer reserves the right to make such changes without the consent of the participant.

In order to stabilise the structure, it might be necessary to include additional supporting poles and beams or wall panels, which are not necessarily shown on our stand layouts.

In case you suppose to display large exhibits at your stand, please inform your manager in advance (at least 2 weeks before the exhibition).

To order an additional stand equipment and furniture please look through the catalogue and inform your manager about the selected positions.

Example of schell scheme booth

Inline stand 12 sqm

According to the general regulations the minimum size
of the shell scheme booth is 9 sqm and includes further equipment:

  1. 1 coat rack
  2. 1 electrical plug socket
  3. 1 table (80x80)
  4. 2 chairs
  1. wall and fascia panels
  2. carpet
  3. 1 waste bin
  4. 2 spot lights