Custom clearance, vehicles and weapons displaying rules

І. Customs clearance and cargo delivery

1.1. Customs clearance is required for all exhibition goods imported to Ukraine:

- Exhibits (temporary import / non‑tax);
- Stand materials (temporary import / non‑tax);
- Promotional materials (direct import / payments shall be in full);
- Consumable material (permanent import for own use on the stand with payments in full).

1.2. The Organizer recommends the Exhibitor to insure its property against all kind of risks.

1.3. Such shipments as weapons, military equipment, dual‑use production, the acting measuring, control and test equipment, various types of radiating rays, etc. are possible only with permission from the special services of Ukraine, including the State Export Control Service.

The procedure for obtaining a single permit for temporary importation takes an average of 15 to 30 days, and in some cases up to 90 days.

If your shipment gets under one of the above descriptions, it is important (not later than 60 calendar days) to contact the partner company of the Exhibition (see section 1.9) for the timely receipt of necessary permits.

1.4. ATA Carnet does not release the Exhibitor from obtaining the necessary permits from the special services of Ukraine, including the State Export Control Service. Instructions for sending the shipment by ATA Carnet can be obtained in advance by contacting the partner companies of the Exhibition (see section 1.9).

1.5. To avoid the damage of the exhibition stands and carpet, time of cargo delivery to the booth and placement of large equipment in the exhibition hall must be agreed with the Organizer, but must be carried out not later than one day before the opening of the exhibition.

1.6. Large military (special) equipment and vehicles and weapons must be transported through the territory of Ukraine on special platforms or under their own power, while it is necessary to coordinate all shipment conditions with the MIA of Ukraine.

1.7. Shipment of weapons, ammunition and spare parts on the territory of Ukraine is made in accordance with the requirements of the transportation of dangerous (special) cargo. We kindly advise to clarify conditions of transportation of the exhibits with the partner companies of the exhibitions (see section 1.9).

1.8. The above information does not display all the nuances. Avoid shipping cargo without prior consultation with the partner company (see section 1.9) which acts as a recipient to avoid downtime and delayed arrival at the exhibition.

1.9. Exhibition partners that provide services of customs clearance and transportation of cargo:

tel. +38 044 374‑94‑97, 374‑94‑98, e-mail: info@sk‑
contact person - Ivan Prokopenko, mob. +38 050 382‑82‑42

tel. +38 044 200‑42‑45, 200‑42‑48, e-mail: 
contact person - Tatyana Tulina, mob.: +38 050 631‑18‑23


International Exhibition Centre Ltd can not act as the recipient of cargo. Only those organizations that are accredited by the customs authorities of Ukraine can act as recipients of cargo.

II. Procedure for displaying and storing weapons,
special and military equipment, and vehicles at the exhibition

2.1. Showcasing of weapons, special equipment and ammunition (or their components) at the exhibition is possible only for the Exhibitors that have necessary permits. You may get more information on the list of such permits and procedures for their obtainment from the licensing department of the MIA of Ukraine and Organizer of the exhibition.

2.2. During the opening hours of the exhibition the Exhibitor stores the abovementioned items in accordance with applicable rules and regulations, while taking the necessary measures to prevent access by unauthorized persons.

2.3. Showcasing of lethal and non‑lethal weapons and ammunition in combat mode at the exhibition is not allowed. These items must be replaced with models or be demonstrated in unusable condition. Live demonstrations of non-lethal weapons, firearms, airguns and throwing weapons at the booth is not allowed.

2.4. Weapons and ammunition must be displayed in locked showcases. Showcases should be sealed by a person responsible for their storage.

Firearms, airguns and gas pistols may be exhibited in the open stands, each sample should be fixed to the stand base with a lock, excluding the possibility of a free withdrawal from the stand.

2.5. At the nighttime, weapons and ammunition must be stored in a specially equipped room for weapons storage, which is located on the ground floor of the Hall 1 of the International Exhibition Centre.

Transportation of arms and ammunition from the exposition to the storage room and back is carried out from 9 am to 10 am and from 6 pm to 7 pm.

2.6. In individual cases, upon written notification of the Organizer by the Exhibitor, it is permitted to store weapons and ammunition on the stand. In such cases, protection of the company's stand is carried out by the Guard Police Department of MIA of Ukraine.

2.7. The location and conditions of storage containers and the necessary additional equipment that is not used at the exposition are determined by the Organizer.